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What a way to mark my 800th entry.

Newcastle relegated from Premier League after 16 years.

Yes we were rubbish/no spirit/other truthful insult here but damn, I still held on to some kind of hope that we would get out of this.
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V - The Miniseries has held up surprisingly well. Sure the special effects look pretty dated but it has some fine writing/plotting and a very cool premise. Colour me entertained and a little more interested in the remake/new series (plus it has the bonus of both Elizabeth Mitchell and Morena Baccarin).

In RL life, I have a busy couple of weeks ahead. I'm going down to London for a couple of days and I also need to sort out a Visa for China and actually start to plan the trip. Booking flights is the easy part.
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So I'm going to China.

June 22nd.

It's going to be amazing.
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Dollhouse renewed. Yay? To be honest I wouldn't have been that bothered if it hadn't been renewed, but I'll still watch in the hope that this second season will be able to build on the momentum created in those last few episodes.

Scrubs. Why? I love this show, but please just let it end already. Oh well, I know I'll complain but come the new season I'll probably still end up watching.

I will admit to watching and thoroughly enjoying the Glee pilot. Ryan Murphy always makes entertaining series.
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What the hell show...

Damn you Twin Peaks, for you have taken over my brain. I don't care if it's nearly twenty years old and I know who the killer is (spoilers for things like this are unavoidable) but damn, that's some messed up - but engrossing - television right there.

Oh and that other show last night was pretty damn awesome too. Never would have guessed that Lost would become one of my favourite series again after the second/third seasons. I think in the eight/nine months before S6 I may have to undertake a rewatch, if I can handle such a thing with this show.

And finally, if I psych myself up enough tomorrow I'm going to book my holiday. What started out as two weeks in Mexico has now evolved in to spending a month travelling China and down to Hong Kong.

I don't know how that happened. But I think it would be fun.
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The following is hastily written and rather short. Proceed with caution. (Also, there be screen caps)

Scrubs )

Just like Friends and Futurama before it, Scrubs will remain one of the best sources of comfort television. God bless the DVD.


Jan. 28th, 2009 03:02 pm
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I was supposed to go swimming this morning, but when I looked out the window it was dull. foggy and starting to rain. So I skipped that and went back to bed.

That's pretty much the story of my life at this point in time.


Two films I've recently enjoyed are Vicky Cristina Barcelona and (surprisingly) Quarantine. The former has made me want to seek out some other Woody Allen films as shamefully this is the only one of his that I've seen. The latter is a slightly redundant remake, as it's pretty much identical to the original Spanish version but I like Jennifer Carpenter and enjoy the story.


I kind of want to work in the Cadbury's marketing department. As well as the free chocolate (I assume), these adverts continue to amuse me and I would love to be have been there when they pitched this.


Jan. 20th, 2009 09:25 pm
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1 BSG is back.
2 In my happy place FNL will return for a fourth season (and a fifth and a sixth...).
3 United States of Tara was pretty good. Shall keep an eye on that one.
4 I've started watching Supernatural. Currently nine episodes in to the first season. It gets better right? So far it's pretty much just the standard fantasy/horror stuff that I've seen many times before.
5 I'm trying to catch up on Dexter S3 too, but I'm just not feeling it this time round.
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33/100 )

Last update: 27/04/2009
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The review of 2008 continues with further favourites. (Once again some inclusions here may not technically be from this year, but as I first read/heard it in 2008 it still counts. Please see: my list/my rules ;))

Best Book(s) of 2008 )

Best Music of 2008 )


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