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The following is hastily written and rather short. Proceed with caution. (Also, there be screen caps)

It's not a show I would often talk about, but it's one which I've watched (and loved - despite some missteps along the way) consistently since the first season and the finale was a fitting end to the series*.

There were numerous scenes I loved, including the JD/Carla goodbye scene, the book of rants given to Dr. Cox by JD, the potential reveal of the Janitor's name (and the subsequent reversal of said reveal when he also answered to Tony (Tommy?)), and JD using Sunny to get Dr. Cox to reveal his true feelings.

However, the best scenes were by far the last two. The walk down the hallway with all the returning secondary characters and the final fantasy of JD, which was a nice touch of leaving the ending a little ambiguous in that this is what could have happened for the characters without setting everything in stone (but because I'm a sap, I'll like to think it is). Plus the scene of JD repeatedly fainting at the news of Sam/Izzy made me LOL.

This whole scene was exceptionally well done.

*Yes I know it hasn't officially been cancelled, but a show returning without JD and Bill Lawrence is Scrubs in name only and I doubt I'd watch it.

Just like Friends and Futurama before it, Scrubs will remain one of the best sources of comfort television. God bless the DVD.


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